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You can create short links in any quantity completely FREE.

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You can protect any URL against bots, using our CAPTCHA technology.

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We can help you earning extra money and protect your URL against bots.

What is GainURL?

GainURL is a completely free tool, where you can create and protect short links that are relatively free and you get paid!

How and how much do I earn?

How can you start making money in GainURL? It is just 3 steps: create an account, create a link and post it: for every visit you earn money. It is just that easy!

20% Refferal Bonus

The GainURL referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links!

Featured Administration Panel

Control all of the features from the administration panel with a click of a button.

Detailed Stats

Know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adapt.

Low Minimum Payout

You are required to earn only $5 before you will be paid. We can pay all users via their PayPal.

Highest Rates

Make the most out of your traffic with our always increasing rates.


Shorten links more quickly with easy to use API and bring your creative and advanced ideas to life.


A dedicated support team is ready to help with any questions you may have.

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